Mega Bator review – discount code included

Looking for Hands FREE masturbator? Here it is, one and only which take care of you by itself.
Don’t believe me? Read more more about Mega BatoR and find out.

CNVELD-PDRD298_11443806812Actually, you have three options to choose. All of those have rechargeable feature with USB. All of those provide you with hands FREE masturbation. There is slightly different between those.
First is the color of masturbator. You can choose between black, red and white. Inside the stroker hides different hole, so you should choose one that you like most. Mouth, pussy and ass are holes that waits to satisfy your sexual needs.

Yes Pipedream Products manufacturer did it again. This will definitely one of those products, which will become among best sellers.

How Mega bator works?

PrintUnlike any other male masturbator that either stroke up and down or spin around, Mega Bator do both simultaneously. Combined moves up and down and spin around will create mind blowing sensation that you can only dream of.
Many experts in the field of sex toys and sex life will tell you, that every man “choak its turkey” better than any other Person. Well this was so, now is here Mega Bator that will blow your mind with amazing thrills and endless pleasure combination.

Get one NOW and start enjoy in hands FREE masturbation.

You can use it even under the shower too. There is no private place like under the shower. So there you can relax and enjoy in the most mind blowing sensations that you ever got.

No wonder that this item is so hard to get.

Even if it’s new product, it already appear among best sellers worldwide. So there is no question about this powerful male masturbator.


  • rd298_07-01You can get those in three different colors and with three different holes for masturbation. Mouth, pussy and ass are holes that gives you ultimate and realistic sexual experience.
  • Rechargeable feature is something that gives to any sex toy unique and wider specter of usability.
  • It strokes, vibrates and rotates
  • Suction cup holder of mega Bator is one of the two crucial parts of this male mega masturbator. This gives you a chance to use it also under the shower. Yes you see it right.
  • Waterproof male mega mator stroker is one and only male masturbator that gives to user a chance to enjoy in hands FREE masturbating pleasures with a simple push of the button.
  • media device holderWith no spare batteries and messy power cords you can use it anywhere you want.
  • Mobile device Holder for your Tablet in almost any size, take care about filthy video you watch, while MEga Bator stroker do its job, better than you can ever imagine.


  • Because of its popularity, they just keep out of stock
  • Price is a little bit high, but here you get a promo code for 10% instant discount, so you can get some lube or just save your hard earned money. Your choice
  • For now, there is no spare sleeves to change like you can do it with Fleshlight

mega bator Black

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