How to use and clean your Fleshlight properly

Are you are looking for realistic sexual experience? You want to get sex toy to masturbate, but you are scared that someone will find it? Maybe you wonder, how to use and clean Fleshlight properly.
You are in the right place to get instructions how to do it properly!

Let me tell you few words about Fleshliht first.
This is the No.1 selling sex toy for men in the whole world. Discrete and durable plastic case looks just like ordinary flashlight. So no one will suspect that you have a sex toy in your room. Only you would know that the secret is inside.
Inside of this plastic case is hidden sleeve. Normally is in the shape of the pussy at the front. You can also get all other sorts of sleeves. Most common are sleeves in the shape of pussy, mouth or anus. However you can get also sleeves of monsters like Zombie, Frankenstein, Alien, Cyborg and Drac.

Very popular are sleeves which are molded from Porn stars.
There is no question about quality and durability of this masturbator. As long as you use it and clean it properly, it should last a lifetime!

How to use it properly?

First you must unscrew front – bigger cap. Rear-smaller cap of the case can be loosen or tighten. With this one you can regulate airflow during use. So you can regulate tightness and suction.
Before use, you should remove the sleeve from its case and soak it into the warm water. Sleeve is designed to retain heat to maximize the life like experience. After few minutes, sleeve will be warm enough. Take it out of the water and place it back into the plastic case. Apply with generous portion of water based lubricant on the front side of Flesflight and on yourself. Now you are ready to use your Fleshlight masturbator and get realistic sexual experience.

sex toy cleanerHow to clean your Fleshlight after every use?

Cleaning is very simple. It takes only 3 steps: wash, dry and powder. Remove the sleeve from the plastic case and run warm water through it. Don’t use the soap for sleeve cleaning. For thorough cleaning spray toy it with sex toy cleaner (inside and outside) and rinse again.
The second step is to dry your Fleshlight. Easy part of drying is to dry the plastic case. Drying the sleeve is whole different story.
Lay the sleeve on dry towel. Gently patted with second dry towel until it’s dry. Leave it to dry inside as well.
Next and last step is to using renewing powder. Take the renewing powder and sprinkle it all over the Fleshlight sleeve. Don’t forget to sprinkle it also on the inside! Gently rub the powder in and put the sleeve back into the plastic case.
After that, store your masturbator in cool and dry place. Your toy will wait for you until next use in perfect condition.

Now you know how to use and clean your Fleshlight properly.

Where can you get one for you?

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