How to use Shower mount for Fleshlight

Do you have Fleshlight already? Do you want to enjoy in hands free experience and you don’t know how? Here is just what you need. Shower mount for Fleshlight.


This product is is perfect companion for any Fleshlight products. Its purpose is to fix any Fleshlight product to flat surface so that user can enjoy in hands free sexual experience. High quality suction pad can be mounted to any flat surface. You can also adjust height and angle, so you can get maximum from your Fleshlight. Hands free experience is just what you need to get more fun and pleasure from this sex toy.


How to use Shower mount for Fleshlight?

First you must unscrew the end cap of your Fleshlight product. Then you screw the shower mount on your toy.

Next step is depend on you. Let’s say that you want to mount it on the wall in your shower.

Put the suction cup on the perfect place in your shower and use the sliding on and off bar to set the suction. Loosen up and adjust an angle and tighten the second-side screw. Put some lube on front side of your sex toy and yourself. Now you are ready to start banging your mounted hole.

One little tip:

If you use this mount on surface like door or any wooden surface and you have a problem to suck it on. Try to use some sort of stickers which is bigger than suction cup of your shower mount.

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