How to get more from your Fleshlight Realistic Vagina?

Fleshlight Realistic Vagina is the Bestselling sex toy for men, and this is not coincident. Men just love to masturbate and with this adult toy every man can have special sexual experience which can be compared with the real one.

How to get even more from your Fleshlight Realistic Vagina?

Flashlight_Realistic_VaginaWell my friends, first of all advantages of your Fleshlight I should mention that you can use a several type of sleeves. You can always change sleeve inside of your Fleshlight. So you can change Realistic Vagina Sleeve with Anus Sleeve. But if you in the mood and you want to try to have “oral sex”, insert the Mouth Sleeve inside of your sex toy. Remember, you can get only the sleeve, so you don’t need to purchase the whole Fleshlight every time. This is only the beginning of upgrading your Fleshlight Realistic Vagina.

Next in the row of the tips of how to get more from this sex toy is to warm up your Realistic Vagina Sleeve. With warm sleeve you will have feeling like you penetrate inside of the real vagina and I’m sure that you will love it. How can you warm up realistic vagina or anus sleeve? It’s simple and safe. First of all, you must remove the sleeve out of your Fleshlight. Then just put the sleeve in the bowl filled with warm water and leave it few minutes. Take the sleeve out of the water and dry it with a towel. Insert the Realistic Vagina Sleeve or other type of sleeve in your Fleshlight. Before use, put some water based lubricant on yourself and on the front side of the sleeve. With using lubricant you will enjoy more and you will have more realistic feeling during the penetration. The most important is that with use of lubricant you will prevent any damages on the sleeve.
Next thing about how to get more from your sex toy is that you can get several different types of sleeves. You can find many shapes of pussy, anus and even mouth sleeves. They all look and feel very realistic. So if you want to try anal sex, you just simply change the sleeve with anus sleeve and enjoy in anal sex.

Fleshlight Riley Steele

Fleshlight Riley Steele

Here is the best part. Have you ever dream to have sex with your favorite porn star like Jenna Jamenson or Briana Banks? Well, now you can. You can find a special series of Flashlights Realistic Vaginas that are molded after your favorite porn star. These are exact replicas of their pussies, asses and mouths as well. So from now on you can enjoy inside every hole of your most popular porn star and make your wish come true. Of course you can get also the sleeves of men porn stars. Mouths and asses of men porn stars like Cody Cummings, Pierre Fitch and many others are now available in the reach of your hands. If you like to go even further, you can get even the sleeves of Alien or Zombie and other monsters.
You can also choose the color of the sleeve. You can pick the white, brown, pink and even more colors.
Enjoy in sex with the hole of your choice. Get the Fleshlight right now and show her or him who’s the man!

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