7 things you need to know about Mega bator

If you looking for Masturbator of new generation, you hit the bulls eye. Here are 7 things you should know about Mega Bator and why it’s basically very hard to get one.

What is Mega BatoR?

CNVELD-PDRD298_11443806812This is new age male masturbator, which is not just first, but also one and only that combine stroker and spinner in one sex toy. It also vibrates. But there is more.

It have suction cup holder, so you can “stuck” it on any smooth surface and enjoy in hands FREE mind blowing sensation.

It’s rechargeable and it have also holder for your media device. So you can watch filthy scene and enjoy in hands Free masturbation anywhere and anytime you want to.

Waterproof feature gives you reason more to get one of those. We all know how awesome is doing these stuff under the shower right?

This is actually the perfect version of Fleshlight male masturbator. So it’s not coincidence that this product appears among the best selling products.

7 things you need to know about Mega bator

  • PrintIt’s rechargeable with USB, so you can charge it from your laptop
  • You can choose between three colors. Each color have its “hole of pleasure”. Your options are mouth, pussy and ass
  • It vibrates, rotates and strokes – up and down moving
  • It’s waterproof, so you can enjoy using it even under the shower
  • Suction cup holder is crucial part to get hands FREE masturbating pleasures
  • Media device holder offers you joyable moments during the watching your favorite porn scenes or other stuff that turns you on
  • There is no spare batteries or messy power cords which can be disturbing during powerful hands FREE masturbation

How to get hands FREE masturbation?

Steps that you should made to get those:

  • stuck it on the smooth surface with suction cup holder
  • put some lube on yourself and in the hole
  • turn it on
  • stuck your dick inside the hole
  • enjoy in mind blowing pleasures until you reach an orgasm

How to get it cheaper?

It’s simple. Click on the link below and check for promo code in online store. You can find it in the header.
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Those are 7 things you need to know about Mega Bator, No. 1 male masturbator.
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