5 most realistic pussies and asses

Men are usually interested in realistic pussy and ass sex toys. Some of them because of lack of sexual experiences, others because of curiosity.  So here we’ll talk about 5 most realistic pussies and asses.

Many of these are even molded from well known porn stars. So anyone can get sexual experiance with his own favorite pron star in the comfort of his home.

These are great for every man. Especially those who don’t have a woman. It’s great for practice and to train endurance and containment an orgasm.

Few of them are quite a piece of sexual luxury.

Let’s talk about those 5 most realistic pussies and asses

My First Virgin Pussy and Ass

My firs virgin pussy and assReal feel like materials gives to user sexual experience that can compare with real one. Perhaps even better.
Do you know a woman that vibrates? I guess not. So vibrating feature is an unexplored territory of sexuality for most of us.

It comes also with vibrating bullet insert which gives to user extra pleasure during play.

Don’t forget the advantage of both holes in one piece!

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Sasha Grey UR3 Vibrating Pussy And Ass

Sasha Greys Pussy and assAnother great piece of »wanna have« sex toys for men. Sasha Grey is one of the most popular porn star. So there is no coincidence that many of men looking for sex toys that are molded from her.

This sex toy is made from safe and real like material, for great sexual experience, that you can enjoy in over and over again.

Vibrating feature and two holes are more than enough to get it and explore Shasa Greys pussy and ass.

You can also get Sasha Grey pocket pussy and make your dreams about her, come true andto show who is her daddy.



Ashley Blue Cyberskin Spread Wide Pussy & Ass Masturbator Waterproof Flesh

Ashley Blue Cyberskin Spread Wide Pussy & Ass It’s definitely masturbator that is worth of its price. Waterproof actual size piece of her will suck on any smooth surface for better leverage.

Both of holes and fingernails are hand painted. It’s obviously, they do the job perfectly.

Wide spread realistic pussy and ass molded from Ashley Blue gives to user unique sensation. Tight pussy opening and ribbed love tunnels take care of that.

Whole thing looks and feel soft, but love tunnels are firm.

It’s safe to use, it’s Latex and Phthalate Free

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Roxy Reynolds Cyberskin Pussy & Ass

Roxy Reynolds Cyberskin Pussy & AssNot all of the porn stars, are bright skin. Roxy Reynolds Cyberskin pussy and ass is great for those who love tanned girls.

Separate Vaginal and anal tunnels are firm and ribbed on the inside.

Opening at the end of love tunnels allows you easy cleaning and maintaining.

It’s waterproof and Phthalate free.

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Nautica Thorn’s CyberSkin Jackhammer Pussy and Ass

Nautica Thorn's CyberSkin Jackhammer Pussy and AssAnother from porn star molded piece of sex art. This one is unique because of jackhammer position.

Use or bang on smooth surface will be awesome, because it will be sucked up.

Both love tunnels are ribbed and firm. The material is top quality and it will last long.

This Nautica Thorn’s CyberSkin Jackhammer Pussy and Ass is also waterproof and phthalate free.

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Manufacturer highly recommend of using lubricant and don’t forget to clean it before and every use.

Cleaning is not only good for your health. It will keep you safe from infections, but your sex toy will last much longer.


These are 5 most realistic pussies and asses in one place. You can also get realistic pussy and ass masturbator in one toy hidden in Fleshlight.

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