Few words about fake pussy and ass (part 1)

Do you looking for something that will satisfy your sexual needs? You want something that offers you almost realistic sexual experience? Maybe you just need something that looks just like real woman body. Well, Fake pussy and ass is just what you looking for.

To be honest, at first I have no idea that this is so great. Materials which are used for create those body like masterpieces are totally safe for user. Not only that. Materials are so great, that you almost get realistic sexual experience with those toys.
Only difference is, that is not move like person and doesn’t sound like deep breathing or some sounds of pleasures.
So, materials are just like soft skin and it’s safe to use. But, can you get body part from someone special? Let’s say from your favorite porn star?
The answer is YES!
Fake pussy and ass part 1 300x300 Few words about fake pussy and ass (part 1)Many of the fake pussy and ass are molded from world known porn star. For example April Flores, Sasha Grey,Dani Daniels,  Ashton Moore pussy and ass and lots of others.

Best part of that is, that you can choose between the artificial pussy or fake pussy and ass. You have also chance to choose your favorite position and so your wet dreams can come true.

There is more about this great sex toys and you will get it in part two.

If you are interesting in any kind of fake pussy and ass I have a small gift for you. Because are hard times in nowadays I’ll like to share with you special promo code that I get from one online store where I’m regular customer.

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Clone a pussy don’t be a wussy

Don’t you want to surprise your man with something unique? Have you ever thought about to make for him your own fake pussy? Maybe you have, but you don’t know how. Well, you are just about to find the way how to clone a pussy.

Clone a pussy kit 300x300 Clone a pussy dont be a wussyMake your private parts for your partner is always something special and something that is jaw dropping thing. Of course, partner will love to have a piece of you, no mater boobs or pussy, he will love it.

It can be a great as a gift for your anniversary or as a present for some occasion of yours. In my opinion, all you have to do is that you make sure that it will be 100% surprise.
Believe me, it’s not so hard to make a pussy molded from your own. Maybe you will need some extra move or two, but I’m sure that you will make one hell of a cloned pussy.
You can find few clone a pussy kits. Every kit contained all you need. Just read and follow the instructions how to clone a pussy and you will be OK.

Where can you find clone a pussy kit?

I’ll give you links to two stores I trust. Because I don’t want that you will spend the money and don’t get what you need. After all, I get guidelines from my friend and because I was so happy about it, I share it with you.
Topsextoysshop.com – Online store where you can find many adult products, of course also Clone a pussy kit. I have a promo code that you can use it and save a few bucks. It’s up to you how you will use it. I usually grab an extra sex toy cleaner, but you can just save a few bucks.
Promo code PAY5LESS for 5% discount – no minimum, or MAGIC10 to get 10% discount – $100.00 Order Minimum.
To use a promo code GO HERE!
Amazon.com – Well known online store, where you can find almost anything you want. It’s a little bit expensive, but millions people purchase stuff there every day, so it’s obviously worth of your trust.
To check out offer from Amazon, CLICK HERE!

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Few answers about Fuck me silly and Fuck my big black ass

There is no secret that Fuck me silly and Fuck my big black ass are one of the best selling product of Pipedream manufacturer. So if you ever wonder if it’s worth of money, I must definitely say a big »YES« and many users will agree with me.

However, there are few questions between those who are not decided yet to get one of those in line of Fuck me silly products. So I decide to share with you few answers on those questions and share with you a video who is more than enough proof that Pipedream products are one of the best.

Here is the video of side by side comparison of Fuck me silly and Fuck my big black ass. 

Is there difference between those two mega masturbators?

The only difference between them is in color. Actually, the mold is the same, but the color of the »skin« is different. There could be a slight variation of the color. Molds are the same internally and externally.

Are the vaginal and anal tunnel connect as it is on Fuck me silly 2?

Tunnels are not connected as in Fuck me silly 2, but those two tunnels are 9 inch long and in the shape of the letter »U«. This helps you to clean it on the inside. There is no matter which hole you choose to flush, the water will come out from the other hole. It’s really important to clean it after every use. So your realistic vagina and ass will last much longer if not for a lifetime.

PDRD17423 2 300x203 Few answers about Fuck me silly and Fuck my big black ass

Are the openings ribbed?

Yes, Vaginal opening is ribbed, so you get even greater sensation during the masturbation. The Anal opening is smooth.

Is this realistic vagina and ass waterproof?

This time the answer is »NO«. Because of the foam core so it’s light enough to move around but it’s still quite heavy. On the back side of the Fuck me silly and Fuck my black ass  is an air hole. This is for your safety and enjoyment of the product. Because, when you put your weight on this masturbator in different positions, trough this hole will escape the air so it doesn’t pop.

That’s about it. Watch and enjoy the video and see you at the Topsextoysshop.com

More you can find if you CLICK HERE!

Don’t forget to use Promo code PAY5LESS for 5% off (no minimum order), or 15PLEASURE 15.00% Off ($100.00 Order Minimum)

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How to use and clean your Fleshlight properly

Are you are looking for realistic sexual experience? You want to get sex toy to masturbate, but you are scared that someone will find it? Maybe you wonder, how to use and clean Fleshlight properly.
You are in the right place to get instructions how to do it properly!

Let me tell you few words about Fleshliht first.
This is the No.1 selling sex toy for men in the whole world. Discrete and durable plastic case looks just like ordinary flashlight. So no one will suspect that you have a sex toy in your room. Only you would know that the secret is inside.
Inside of this plastic case is hidden sleeve. Normally is in the shape of the pussy at the front. You can also get all other sorts of sleeves. Most common are sleeves in the shape of pussy, mouth or anus. However you can get also sleeves of monsters like Zombie, Frankenstein, Alien, Cyborg and Drac.
Freaks 600x800 How to use and clean your Fleshlight properly
Very popular are sleeves which are molded from Porn stars.
There is no question about quality and durability of this masturbator. As long as you use it and clean it properly, it should last a lifetime!

How to use it properly?

First you must unscrew front – bigger cap. Rear-smaller cap of the case can be loosen or tighten. With this one you can regulate airflow during use. So you can regulate tightness and suction.
Before use, you should remove the sleeve from its case and soak it into the warm water. Sleeve is designed to retain heat to maximize the life like experience. After few minutes, sleeve will be warm enough. Take it out of the water and place it back into the plastic case. Apply with generous portion of water based lubricant on the front side of Flesflight and on yourself. Now you are ready to use your Fleshlight masturbator and get realistic sexual experience.

sex toy cleaner 166x300 How to use and clean your Fleshlight properlyHow to clean your Fleshlight after every use?

Cleaning is very simple. It takes only 3 steps: wash, dry and powder. Remove the sleeve from the plastic case and run warm water through it. Don’t use the soap for sleeve cleaning. For thorough cleaning spray toy it with sex toy cleaner (inside and outside) and rinse again.
The second step is to dry your Fleshlight. Easy part of drying is to dry the plastic case. Drying the sleeve is whole different story.
Lay the sleeve on dry towel. Gently patted with second dry towel until it’s dry. Leave it to dry inside as well.
Next and last step is to using renewing powder. Take the renewing powder and sprinkle it all over the Fleshlight sleeve. Don’t forget to sprinkle it also on the inside! Gently rub the powder in and put the sleeve back into the plastic case.
After that, store your masturbator in cool and dry place. Your toy will wait for you until next use in perfect condition.

Now you know how to use and clean your Fleshlight properly.

Where can you get one for you?

In my opinion there are only few sex toy stores that are worth of your hard earned money!
Click on the name of the Sex toy store!

TopSexToysShop.com – use a code PAY5LESS for 5% discount – no minimum order

Edenfantasys.com – FREE shipping orders $39+



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Alien Fleshlight – sexual experience from outer space

Alien Fleshlight is something that you must try. Sexual experience from outer space is now in reach of your hand. Even if you don’t know how to get one, now you will find out more about it.

Some say, that aliens are green, but here is something that will convince you that they are blue. Fleshlight Alien is something special because of its sleeve with fake alien pussy. Believe me, you cant find it anywhere else. This male masturbator give you an opportunity to enjoy in sex with alien fake pussy. From the outside is like any other Fleshlight masturbators, but the sleeve is unique. Blue Superskin sleeve is wrapped in blue plastic case, which is perfect to disguised in your room. This unique sex toy have also special inside structure. The specialty of the entrance are two clitoris, which makes this sex toy even more unusual. Interior texture of this Alien Fleshlight starts with Vortex chanall followed by the ridge in the middle of the Lotus texture and finishing off with the intense STU texture. It’s very stimulating and satisfying.

Alien Fleshlight Blue Alien Fleshlight    sexual experience from outer space

Every men who has this sex toy, I’m sure that he think if all the alien females have pussy like this, he will let them to take him to their leader.

Like I said, this Alien Fake Pussy is made of Superskin material like all other Fleshlight Fake Pussy. Uniqueness of this male masturbator you will find in color, front face of the alien pussy with two clitoris and the interior texture. This kind of interior texture is not available in any other human based sleeve.

You can use it like any other Fleshlight product. It have removable sleeve, which is easy to clean. Don’t forget to use corn powder after cleaning.

How can you use it?

Like I said, using is simple. Remove the bigger cup, unscrew the cup at the end to adjust suction. Before you stick your cock inside you can use some lube, or not. It’s up to you. Adjust the suction to get maximum pleasure. Stroke away until you’re done. Don’t you ever forget to clean it after every use! Before you put the sleeve back into a Fleshlight it must be completely dry! 

Don’t wait until all the alien pussies gone.

Grab your chance and get it NOW!

To find out more, CLICK HERE , or GO HERE!



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Ashton Moore Pussy and Ass

Every man have fantasy of having sex with a porn star. With Ashton Moore Pussy and Ass you will have great sexual experience with the realistic vagina and ass molded form Ashton Moore.

Ashton Moore Pussy and ass 264x300 Ashton Moore Pussy and Ass We all know who is Ashton Moore. Well I know for sure. This hot chick is one of the best and hottest porn star. Of course, every man have its own taste. But I guarantee you that artificial pussy and ass molded from Ashton Moore is something that you can’t miss. 

Not only that you get two wholes molded from porn star. This toy has an entire curvaceous little bottom with it.

It’s made from UR3 material which feels like realistic skin. Not only that, it’s been proved that is most durable too.

This sex toy have two canals. Vaginal canal is long enough, so you don’t come out on the other side if you have normal penis size. Anal hole is connect to vaginal canal and it’s a little bit smaller, but very joyable.

So what do you get?

You get Realistic pussy and ass and entire curvaceous little bottom with it. The shafts are super stretchy and internally ribbed. It’s accommodating most sizes. Vibrating bullet insert will take care of stimulation inside the shaft. Micro bullet insert is controlled by a handheld remote with a multi speed dial.

Don’t waste your time and get this ultra-realistic vibrating masturbator now, so you will have it in the reach of your fingertips at any time.

This product is hot, so don’t loose your chance to have it. At this time is out of stock in many online stores.

To get your Ashton Moore Pussy and ass, CLICK HERE!

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How to use Shower mount for Fleshlight

Do you have Fleshlight already? Do you want to enjoy in hands free experience and you don’t know how? Here is just what you need. Shower mount for Fleshlight.


This product is is perfect companion for any Fleshlight products. Its purpose is to fix any Fleshlight product to flat surface so that user can enjoy in hands free sexual experience. High quality suction pad can be mounted to any flat surface. You can also adjust height and angle, so you can get maximum from your Fleshlight. Hands free experience is just what you need to get more fun and pleasure from this sex toy.

Fleshlight shower mount How to use Shower mount for Fleshlight

How to use Shower mount for Fleshlight?

First you must unscrew the end cap of your Fleshlight product. Then you screw the shower mount on your toy.

Next step is depend on you. Let’s say that you want to mount it on the wall in your shower.

Put the suction cup on the perfect place in your shower and use the sliding on and off bar to set the suction. Loosen up and adjust an angle and tighten the second-side screw. Put some lube on front side of your sex toy and yourself. Now you are ready to start banging your mounted hole.

One little tip:

If you use this mount on surface like door or any wooden surface and you have a problem to suck it on. Try to use some sort of stickers which is bigger than suction cup of your shower mount.

Get your Fleshlight Shower Mount NOW, CLICK HERE!


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Types of fake pussy and ass

If you are looking for ultimate and real-feel sex toy, fake pussy and ass is your best choice. I’m sure, that you tired of the routine in your sex life, and with this realistic pussy and ass you will definitely break this routine. Not only that, you will also improve your sexual endurance.

Fake Pussy and ass 300x300 Types of fake pussy and assOn the market you can find many versions of this great sex toy. Some of them offers you just fake pussy and ass, some of them include the boobs too. You also can get realistic pussy and ass with the vibrating feature. With this vibrating feature you actually have at least 3 adult toys. Realistic pussy offers you realistic look and realistic feel inside this artificial vagina. Fake ass is the best for all those who love to try or enjoy in anal sex. Vibrating Bullet insert you can use with fake pussy and ass or you remove it and use it for vibrating stimulation any body part you want.
You can also choose between missionary and doggy style vibrating fake pussy and ass. Believe it or not, this is not all. If you have your favorite porno star, find realistic pussy and ass molded from her. So, everytime you bang your artificial pussy and ass, you enjoy in sex with your favorite porno star.
I believe, that this is best social prove that you can get of popularity of this sex toy. Of course, you can pick a skin color too.

One more tip for you. Use a lubricant when you play with your realistic pussy and ass, and clean it after every use. With good maintaining your sex toy will last much longer and give you ultimate pleasures and journeys in your sex life.

Here is my offer. Because all types of fake pussy and ass are very hot, I give you a special promo code for 5% discount. You can use this code for any purchase. Why pay full price, if you can buy something extra with your saved money.
I love to shop on-line and recently I find this promo code and I decided to share it with you.
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Use promo code: fleshoff - 5% off (no minimum)

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Fleshlight coupons for discount

Looking for Fleshlight coupons? Sure you do. Even though Fleshlight is the most popular masturbation sex toy and is well worth the money, there is no reason to pay the full price. That’s why I visited all online sex shops that I been buying sex toys from in the past few years and made a list of shops that are selling and offering discount for Fleshlight. They don’t offer Fleshlight discount, but discount that you can use on most of the products they are selling. Don’t forget buying some discount lube while you are shoping. So this are some of the sex toy shops and discount codes you can use to buy your Fleshlight or Flashlingt sleeve.


FL002 Fleshlight coupons for discountTopSexToysShop.com

Discount code: PAY5LESS

Expires: Jan 31. 13



Discount code: PASSION25

Expires: n/a



Discount code: N/A

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Discount code: N/A

Expires: N/A


I hope this Fleshlight coupons helped you as much as they did for me. Some of them are available for very short time, so hurry up before they expire. In case there isn’t any Fleshlight coupons available right now or you just want to be noticed when special offers are available, you can sign up to my alert service. I promise I won’t sell, rent or spam your email (Trust me, I hate spam as much as you do). Just enter your name and email in form bellow, and I’ll notice you when new coupon codes and special offers are available. I’ll be discreet and no one will ever notice my messages.


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Fake Pussy and Ass for intimate pleasure

Are you are desperate without a girlfriend? You have a lack of sexual experience? Maybe you just need something special to try. Fake Pussy and Ass is definitely the sex toy that you are looking for.

So what is Fake Pussy and Ass anyway?

This is an adult toy with realistic look, and experience that is comparable with real one. This great sex toy is made from best and long lasting materials, of course if you maintain and cleaning it properly. 


Vibrating Pussy and Ass 300x300 Fake Pussy and Ass for intimate pleasure

How can you „use“ this Artificial Pussy and Ass?

It’s quite simple. Put some water based lubricant inside sex toy and yourself and you can enjoy in sexual pleasures with your new favorite sex toy. You can also use a condom for easier cleaning.

The purpose of this great adult toy is to satisfy sexual needs in most realistic way possible.

Are you are shy guy or you just don’t have girlfriend at the time, but you desperately want to have sex? Maybe you just want to get more experience. The Realistic Pussy and Ass is the best way to get the experience in sex and to satisfy your needs.


Maybe you have a girlfriend, but she don’t give you enough of sexual pleasures and don’t satifiy your sexual needs. Do you want to practice anal sex, but your partner is against? With Fake Pussy and Ass you can do just that and no one will complain and said no. This is the best way for you to satisfy your your desire and make your dreams come true too.
Did you ever have a dream that you have sex with your favorite porno star? Today is your lucky day. If you ask why? You can choose between many porno stars. However, many Fake Pussies and Asses are molded after porn stars. So if you are interested in having sex with your favorite porn star, grab your chance! I’m pretty sure that you will enjoy in this great sexual experiance. You can pick a color, shaved or hairy pussy and even Fake Pussy and ass that vibrates. The choice is yours!

Remember! Not only that this Fake Pussy and Ass looks just like real. It also give you realistic sexual experience that you will enjoy in and have fun every single time.

If you are in doubt, you should read comments from many satisfied customers which already have this great sex toy. So what are you waiting for?

Grab your chance and use special promo code PUSSYSEX13 for special 10% discount just for you!
Don’t forget to get Water Based Lubricant!


Check it out  HERE!



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How to get more from your Fleshlight Realistic Vagina?

Fleshlight Realistic Vagina is the Bestselling sex toy for men, and this is not coincident. Men just love to masturbate and with this adult toy every man can have special sexual experience which can be compared with the real one.

How to get even more from your Fleshlight Realistic Vagina?

Flashlight Realistic Vagina How to get more from your Fleshlight Realistic Vagina?Well my friends, first of all advantages of your Fleshlight I should mention that you can use a several type of sleeves. You can always change sleeve inside of your Fleshlight. So you can change Realistic Vagina Sleeve with Anus Sleeve. But if you in the mood and you want to try to have “oral sex”, insert the Mouth Sleeve inside of your sex toy. Remember, you can get only the sleeve, so you don’t need to purchase the whole Fleshlight every time. This is only the beginning of upgrading your Fleshlight Realistic Vagina.

Next in the row of the tips of how to get more from this sex toy is to warm up your Realistic Vagina Sleeve. With warm sleeve you will have feeling like you penetrate inside of the real vagina and I’m sure that you will love it. How can you warm up realistic vagina or anus sleeve? It’s simple and safe. First of all, you must remove the sleeve out of your Fleshlight. Then just put the sleeve in the bowl filled with warm water and leave it few minutes. Take the sleeve out of the water and dry it with a towel. Insert the Realistic Vagina Sleeve or other type of sleeve in your Fleshlight. Before use, put some water based lubricant on yourself and on the front side of the sleeve. With using lubricant you will enjoy more and you will have more realistic feeling during the penetration. The most important is that with use of lubricant you will prevent any damages on the sleeve.
Next thing about how to get more from your sex toy is that you can get several different types of sleeves. You can find many shapes of pussy, anus and even mouth sleeves. They all look and feel very realistic. So if you want to try anal sex, you just simply change the sleeve with anus sleeve and enjoy in anal sex.

Fleshlight Riley Steele 300x198 How to get more from your Fleshlight Realistic Vagina?

Fleshlight Riley Steele

Here is the best part. Have you ever dream to have sex with your favorite porn star like Jenna Jamenson or Briana Banks? Well, now you can. You can find a special series of Flashlights Realistic Vaginas that are molded after your favorite porn star. These are exact replicas of their pussies, asses and mouths as well. So from now on you can enjoy inside every hole of your most popular porn star and make your wish come true. Of course you can get also the sleeves of men porn stars. Mouths and asses of men porn stars like Cody Cummings, Pierre Fitch and many others are now available in the reach of your hands. If you like to go even further, you can get even the sleeves of Alien or Zombie and other monsters.
You can also choose the color of the sleeve. You can pick the white, brown, pink and even more colors.
Enjoy in sex with the hole of your choice. Get the Fleshlight right now and show her or him who’s the man!

To find out more, CLICK HERE!



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The most Realistic Vagina you will ever find

Are you trying to find the most Realistic Vagina for your happy hours? You think that they are too expensive? One thing is for sure, Fleshlight Realistic Vagina is not cheap at all, but is well worth the money.

Flashlight Realistic Vagina The most Realistic Vagina you will ever findFirst of all, this Fleshlight Realistic Vagina looks just like one ordinary Fleshlight. Because of that, you are pretty much covered and you don’t have to hide it front the others. Even if someone finds your Sex toy for masturbation, he or she will probably have no clue what is in their hands.

This adult toy have many advantages that you can have benefit from. First of all is that you can use it with many different sleeves. You can get your Fleshlight Realistic Vagina, but you can purchase only a sleeve of Realistic Anus or Mouth sleeve and use it in the same Fleshlight. So you can save the money.

Material of Realistic Vagina is the stretchy silicone and it feels like the real thing. You can easily warm it in warm water. Cleaning is easy and the best part is that you can regulate tightness and suction to get ultimate pleasure during use. I suggest that you use it with water based lubricant. Apply it a lot on Fleshlight and on yourself.

After every use just simply remove the sleeve and wash it in warm water. Never use hot water, because it can make some damage on the sleeve. Some of users recommend to use powder after every cleaning to protect your Realistic Vagina and maintain its texture.

Fleshlight Realistic Vagina is No. 1 selling sex toy for men. This is the proof that this is the best product that you can get. You can get it in many sex toy stores. But I believe that you want the discreet packaging and fast delivery. This is the reason why you should purchase Realistic Vagina on Topsextoysshop.com or EdenFantasys.com. On Topsextoysshop.com you can use a special promo code: JUST4U for 5% discount – no minimum.

Check it out:

CLICK —> Topsextoysshop.com

CLICK —> Edenfantasys.com


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